196cc vs 209cc base gasket

Probably a dumb question but are base gaskets for these two motors the same?

I have a chinese 209cc clone that came with no base gasket.

Part number please!!



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I don't think there is going to be a knowledge base out there on that engine. You best option may be to get a GX200\clone gasket and see if it fits.


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its a chinese import mfgr is unknown.
Get us some measurements Phil, & we can probably figure it out.
I can take some measurements off my GX -200, & my Buddy's Tillotson 212,, if you like.


NR racing probably has that gasket for your engine.
They offer 3 different ones ,,, including the Lifan 6.5hp, with the 5 bolt V cover,, & are all under 2 bucks ea. plus ship.
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That looks like it matches my GX-200 best, Phil.
Top part on my Buddy's Tillotson is different.

I would just get the GX gasket & the ''China clone'' one also,, from NR racing.
One of them is only like $1.29, & the other is under 2 bucks.
Shipping would be the same for both together also.

I would ''not'' use silicone on the cover gaskets,, & I don't use sealer @ all.
Those gaskets are thick enough to compress & give a good seal.
What you see squished out on the outside, is going to be the same on the inside,, & will eventually come off,,, & potentially plug things up in there ect.
Plus not using sealer,, you probably will not harm the gasket if & when taking the cover off again, if you do it gently & evenly .
I have never torn a gasket on one of these sizes.
If you get a spot with the gasket sticking on the case,, just use a razor blade behind ect. to gently work it loose.

Also not using sealer, will help in optimizing the side thrust tolerances of the crank.
The sealer on both sides of the gasket,, can also potentially give you around an extra 0.004+ thousandths of side play or so...

I would ''not'' use grease on the crank seal lip ect. either. It will attract ''a lot'' of dirt ect.
Just cote the seal lip ect. with a smidge of oil that you run in the engine.
& also smear a bit around the step on the crank.
The seal will also do it's job better with ''just'' a bit of assy. oil on it. ;)

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This engine came on a pressure washer from Amazon. The motor seized after 10 minutes of operation.
It turned out the flywheel rusted itself to the ignition coil, I popped the side cover off first expecting to find the connecting rod welded to the crank but everything there looked good. After popping off the cowling I found the rusted coil and flywheel. There was no gasket on the side plate, just a bunch of goo inside and out. Junk.

Seven months later In am still arguing with Amazon trying to get a partial refund. I put my last chinese clone on the pressure washer just to get it working. So I have this junk clone on the bench to see if it worth fixing.

Thanks for all the help guys!