2015 Build Off Results

Congratulations to all the top vote getters listed here and thank you everyone that participated!


Bob Gaudette's Rupp


Yoop's Alsport


Jdogg's Bronco


Firemarshall71's Step Thru


OND's Savage

Great job everyone! Definitely a good showing, had some controversy we got through, and one extra close battle to the end.

I will be contacting all the top finishers, and those who offered trophies so we can get some awards out.
And the runner ups....

Vintage 2nd place:

MrPat's Taco

Vintage 3rd place:

ToteGoteTrav's Tote Gote

MTTW 2nd place:

Truckasaurus44's T555

MTTW 3rd place:

ToteGoteTrav's Dune Gote

Open 2nd place:

Cdownie's Roper

Open 3rd place:

Chipper's DB

JFF 2nd place:

Scottessey's K&S Hornet

JFF 3rd place:

Capguncowboy's Rupp



Banned - Must pay $500
Congrats to the winners & Runners up, All the Bikes and Trikes are just killer nice.

A lot of talent running around here an the knowledge helps us all.

The Greatest Community " O M B " Forum :thumbsup:
Yes indeed , awesome builds by all ! Don thanks for your hard work and dedication I'm sure I speak for us all , really appreciate you :thumbsup::thumbsup:
First and foremost, thanks to don for modding it this year

Thanks to hent for the site and allowing us to do this

And congrats to all the chosen ones.

In my eyes all entrants that finished are all winners.You all have showed great talent and have ended up with some cool machines that you all can be proud of.

This was very enjoyable to follow. I love projects and fabrication. I was deep in a pro touring project or I might have had one too. I'm thinking about next year also. :) Congratulations to all of the participants!
All awesome builds and most of the ones I voted for won, I missed incredible that step through or my vote in the scratch class would have been different. Looks like a vintage take on a Ruckus only infinitely cooler and more reliable. Everyone who completed an entry was a winner though, voting was tough.
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Great job everyone. Don did a great job and kept it fair and square! It was a pleasure to watch these creations come together. I happened to pick up a project at Windber for the 2016 BO. Should be complete by 2020....:crying::anon.sml::biggrin: