2015 OldMiniBikes Buildoff. Bobby G's 71" Black Widow Vintage

Good news is we have a roller with working brakes. 4 motor bolts, a throttle hook up, belt, chain and we're done. Bad news is the guy doing my motor was doing two others. Broke his foot and had his son in law mail out all three same day. This was last Saturday. Mixed up the addresses and mine went to Ct. Finally made it back to Vermont where he shipped it back to me today. I will have it Tues. or Wed. I'm off thursday so should get the thing done. Feels like an episode of American Chopper Sqeaking out the deadline

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Just finished. Didnt get the motor back till yesterday. :drinkup: Had a dent in the original shroud I have to fix,:cursing: so I used one off one of my Roadster 2s. just to get it done.

080.JPG 038.JPG 043.JPG 069.JPG 059.JPG rday.
Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I appreciate it. When I was 12 I had a used 70' scrambler my dad bought me for 80$. I would have given my right arm for a black widow. 43 years later it's still pretty cool to finally have one.
On a side note Got the motor back on Friday.. Oiled it, gassed it up and it started 2nd pull. If anyone needs Tecumseh motor work done, Tony Vavala up in Vermont is Amazing. Nice guy, great to deal with, does beautiful work at a very reasonable price. If anyone would like to have him do a motor, just send me a PM and I'll hook you up with his number.