2016 Windber rides

The ratbike tank straps are fixed so the sore ass ride will be coming to Windber. I'm willing to sell It there if anyone would be interested. Haven't really thought of price yet but make an offer anything over $350 will be donated to Windber police dept.
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Well I'm only bringing 4 as that will fill the bed of my truck , I will have extra tie-downs however , just in case I have to strap any new ones down on top of the Pop-Up :blink::rolleyes::laugh::thumbsup:
It stains paint too :doah: I have stains on my Wards trike from 2 years ago that wont wash off, I can pour gas on my paint and it wont touch the paint but that stuff wont come off :doah:
I can't get the mud off the tires:laugh: I was rolling one of the bikes in the driveway today and it was leaving marks on the black top. Hope it comes off the driveway.:laugh: Tough stuff.