340 Clone 11HP Question?


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Got this 340 / 11HP Clone the other day.

It has Elec / Start and lighting

If you try to start it will not but, if you add the light coil to the Ing coil , it fires up ?

Remove the light coil from the Ing while running, it stays running but, if you shut it off same thing.

Also, there is quite the " Clack " from the Rod or Piston when turning it over by hand ??
But its not there when running, is this normal?

Thanks, Cory


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Clack is more than likely from the lifters Cory ... And you probably have a charging coil not lighting . there is a difference but I am not exactly sure what it is ...
That's a good thing to check pop the valve cover and check the valve lash. :thumbsup:
I do not know much myself about the lighting and charge packages but I have looked at the ones I have off small blocks and concluded the " charging package " has a winding that puts out less than the lighting units based on wire size.

I would guess unless you had a constant load on the lighting pack it would boil a battery.
You could add a regulator though.

I looked at the cheap parts in my blue WASP clone ( from tool town ) and decided it was not very well made.
I used the starter and ring gear with a Lighting package, Bridge and cheap IC regulator.
I have never used it since, but it should charge and light as required.

How and why are your ignition and charging systems interconnected?
No ideas mine was not like the picture above.
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Banned - Must pay $500
Thank you all who replied.
I'm going to check valve lash
I ordered a new Ing Coil

OldStock "ignition and charging systems interconnected ? " They should not be.
My Coil is bad and its the only way it would start!