# 35 chain "offset" links

Also referred to as "half links". Does anybody have any experience using these? :confused:How do they hold up over time? That tiny little cotter pin that holds them on makes me wonder about their durability (i.e., not coming off).:shrug:
I have one on a Rupp kart and its been on there for about 20years. Just remember..if you buy cheap :chinese: chain..it will never last.

Big Jim

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I have used one on my Trail Bronc #40, I have had no problems with the link itself but have lost / broken the cotter pin several times.
I went to a hard ware store NOT Homedipshit or Lowest, a hardware store may have tiny "hairpin" type clips, these work well or use a piece of stainless wire to keep that little pin in.
Over time the chain will stretch out to where you may be able to take out the half-link.
Many thanks for the replies guys.:thumbsup: That has been my experience so far...
Big Jim; I believe that you are exactly correct, as this was the reason I needed the half link to begin with. I recently replaced an old worn cheap :chinese: chain with a new high-quality chain and was amazed how much the old one had stretched!:shrug:
yea i use them alot. just make sure you put the pin with the cotter pin sticking out on the side least likely to get caught on anything especially the clutch .
Hay every one just signed up was wondering if any one had info one a what I believe is a 74 rupp rat 3 wheel mini bike?

You need to make your own thread for your question in the "General Mini Bike" or do a search around the forum for info. This is a great site to be part of but most members don't like their threads going off topic. :scooter:
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