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desert rat

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The 'Deepco' clutch isn't original and probably doesn't perform too well. If you can't find a original 'Climbaway' clutch, you could use a Comet 20 clutch with the Comet 200836 spacer to fit a Comet 203790 belt.
Both of my goats have the deepco clutch as well. I wonder if there was a time that they did use them to cover production availability, just thinking out loud here because I seem to see quite a few with them.

desert rat

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I was thinking one was a model B that I have, it does not have the deepco. One I have not decided which it is yet but is marked tote goat with a Deepco and one is maybe the pac pal with a Deepco. I have not got to work on these yet I have the Cat 400X that is close to being finished and two Bonanza's to put together to see what I am missing on those first. So much to do.
The Deepco clutch system included both driver and driven which were clearly marked with cast names. Taco Loco's driven looks like the original Bonham 'Climbaway' sheave. Tote Gote did 'blur' the model lines by using parts from previous models when assembling the gotes. But the Deepco and Climbaway used different width belts. I don't think they would make that mistake. Rather, I think the clutch was changed sometime in the scooters 50 year life.