63 LiL Indian takes the trophy...

Yup! the 1963 LiL Indian rat bike takes the trophy at the Tall City Classic Car and Bike Show, Midland Texas.
Just bragging a little... :wink:



Tell me why you feel that way almighty one...
Almighty one??? Well...besides the spring under the neck tube...engine plate..the fender brackets....the rims....sprocket...etc etc. Learn to take a compliment and try not to be so condescending when someone tries to help you out...you might actually learn something.
Well! I never LOL... I took the compliment.
Look bud, you started this posting Looser to my past post.

This is my LiL Indian on the Allied Leisure Cop site so I guess you calling them out on this one?


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John Michrina personally sent me this ad from 64.


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I want "you" to tell me what year it is.
Do you have anymore pictures of the bike? Like when you got it? I think the model 600 didn't start till around '65 or '66 so if yours is that model then that's a start. The handlebars appear to be that vintage as well. Does the motor plate have a hole in the middle of where the motor mounts? I'm doubting it but it's another tell.

It is a pretty neat bike and congrats on your wins!
Hi Ryan:

Nice little bike. Some of our Lil Indian fans have been trying to determine if there is a correlation between the frame heights of these bikes and the years in which they were manufactured. That said, would it be possible for you to post the dimension of your frame? What we're looking for is the space between the lower and upper frame tubes. You could measure from the top of the motor plate (if that's easier) to the underside of the upper frame tube. I believe the motor plates were made from 1/8" stock. Also, as asked earlier, did you notice if there was a hole in the plate? If so, it should be about 11/16".

Thanks, Henry
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