68-69 Rupp parts, Brakes, Headlight, Shocks

I've got a ton of stuff I'm trying to get rid of. All prices include shipping, or I can deliver to Windber. None of these parts have been cleaned, so they're dirty. I can send more pictures via Text -- all you've gotta do is ask.

Rupp Rear brake caliper with foot lever and complete axle: Lever is tweaked a little, but should be able to be straightened out without too much trouble. Brake is in good condition overall. $115

I have two brake calipers with axles and spacers. They also include the original cable stops. Both are in good condition. $50 each

TT500 Headlight bucket/bezel. The chrome on the bucket is in good shape on the outside. The inside is probably pitted. The bezel is dented pretty severely, but someone handy might be able to straighten it. Wiring harness/switch included, but not sure if they're operational or not. $50

Sebac Shocks (coil-over Sebac 14). The eyelets and bushings are in good shape. Aluminum portions are in good shape. Include the original rubber seal ring that goes under the springs. The steel portions are pitted and painted. $25

Sprint/Digger/C350/C500 shocks. Good overall shape, but the chrome is shot, probably pitted $25