Alsport RTS trike

For the record the RTS trikes did come with CCW engines. .
do you mean the phase 111's never did or all rts's never had the ccw's ?

this is straight from the brochure

the guy I got it from bought it from the original owner and said it was never altered in any way


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The rts did come with ccw's for a while hense the dip in the shock crossbar but I think all the phase111's were kohler AS engines. In talking with an expert the phase111 had dual mikuni carbs that was the AS. 50+hp with the pipes is what they boasted. 28 stock, 40-45 piped and 50-55 on the phase111.
As a dealer way out on the west coast shipping became an Issue back then I never saw a RTS with a CCW engine. And the last CCW's were on the TS series my first Tri-Sport ad the CCW and it was a great ride with lots of torque but a total failure in the breaking department. So what we saw out west must of been different. I had a RTS that I bought here in the northwest back in 1986 that had a Kohler 340 with twin carbs that I was told came out of a John Dear snowmobile and was said to be ported. It had dual exhaust and a jacked up driven torque converter. I was very fast.
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Hot Dang : Now that looks great all it needs is a roll bar. But the seat and upholstery are in great shape. That CCW motor should be a thumper. When I said it needed a roll bar it was a good place to mount a high capacity air filter and I had a chain oiler set up to be able to drip onto the chain. But most of our riding and racing was in extreme dirt and sand.
I will add a picture of KILLER my old desert racer.
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thanks steve. actually the upulostery and the seat both have issues,but nothing I can't handle.plan for now is to just clean it up some and get it running.had no spark,messed with it some today and got spark on one side so far

after a quick bath before it went into the shop

we never run regular gas in any of our small engines justice.always ethanol free premium

looks to me like it's the original engine in it'll be fun. It's a 340,and I do have a 400 ccw and a 440 cat siting on the shelf just in case it's not enough
Talking about the gas issue when I had the shop we sold Fransisco Fuels and Klotz racing additives. When we went racing there was no restrictions on fuel and we sold in a 5 gallon tin MOON GAS it was about 115 octane gas and just pop in a bit of Klotz blue blazer and mix it with Blenzal oil and it made the air cooled engines real snappy and smelt like someone was having a bunch of fun
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Oh I think that 340 should move that trike along ok. But you can never have to much power Lol. I always use premium gas in all my small engines. years ago we used to buy aviation gas and it was 130 octane back then. It also had the smell of fun.


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Your first vid says its private but the second the engine has the crack of good compression. Sounds good. I've made out best using an indicator in the sparkplug hole to set timing.
changed the vid

just ordered the parts I need from OldMiniBikes.......get on it chad :hammer:

should be able to hammer on it next weekend
should've said expansion chambers buck. you can use different sizes, length's and shapes to fine tune a 2 stroker.alot of variables easier terms sounds badass and more power



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It may surprise you when you do run it. Mine won't turn under full throttle. Front wheel is just bearly touching. I had a piped 340 35 years ago and it pull the front wheel off the ground for 20-30ft. I couldnt imagine a full blown phase111 with 50+hp. Steering with the throttle yeah. :)