Alsport RTS trike


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A set of pipes you may consider trying is a set from a yamaha 350 banshee. 350cc 2 stroke, thet are close. I hace a set and they are not the huge pipes that they use with power valved engines. I have a set I got off ebay for $25 shipped.
yep....gopro. I got it set at 720. takes way to long to load at 1080 and 720 has a good enough image. never even got close to full throttle with the both clutches locked up.may hop on the highway next time.

some of the banshee pipes look like they would work with some mods.i'd try 'em if I could find some at 25 bucks,if not still might try and make a single
Trike photo

that trailer is sweet steve. did you pull it with the trike ?
The Trailer is owned by the Brothers of the Third Wheel chapter here in Oregon. It was built by the chapters members and has a 48 inch flat grill and a cook top burners and a small oven, lots of storage and a place for a cooler to sit. The table fits over the long tongue and hitch it saves a lot of banged up shins. It has a large water tank and a 12 gallon propane tank. A heavy vinyl cover snaps on to cover everything up and I towed it with my Ford van. And the Tri-Sport will fit up inside the van.
That trailer has cooked for crowds of 200 for breakfast eggs and flap jacks and hot coffee makes a hit for campers.
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Hi YOOP : As a winter time project you could look at adding the roll bar to me it just adds to the look. And a place to hang the pipes as they were long and thin and gave a great sound to the motor.
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If wjustice give you all of the measurement then you can make a set that are right for it. Then it should really run good! You will have to hang on to then.


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Ok I pulled the pipes out and got some measurement for you. Let me know if you need more or clarification. The cap comes off the muffling section so I went ahead and pulled it to measure.
1st section is 1.5" id 3/4" long straight.
Diverging cone is 1.45" long, 1.5" outo 3 5/8".
Straight section is 7 1/4 long
Converging cone is 3 5/8 down to 1"od.
1"stinger is 4 1/2" long.
See my pics to reference the sections.
the front part of the body was cracked and super thin and flexed way to much.reinforced the underside with some mat and resin just to keep it from getting any worse.put a few more layers on after these pics.

won some pipes on flea-bay today for a decent price that I should be able to modify and get to work fairly easily :hack: :grind: :weld: :grind:

got the pipes the other day.was just trying different ideas on how I want to run them.probably going outside the shock mounts somehow.just sitting on there,but going to mount them something like this.with some cutting and rewelding some of the angles i'll get them to work.not going to be doing it for awhile.working 2 jobs till deer season, 70-80 hrs a week



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That looks like a decent setup. The shock mount gives you a place to mount a support. Gonna be loud like that. You may want to cut down those silencers and use them.
we like our stuff issues about noise up here.the 2 neighbors we have are used to it by now.they pretty much listen to it year round
Way back in the caveman time when I first go into trikeing the big thrill was RACEING on tracks and off road all over Southern California we had 4 or 5 pay to play parks to choose from plus the Sand Dunes of Pismo Beach on the coast and Dumont Dunes out in the desert. We had events with the American Tri Wheelers. There were places like El Mirage dry lake for flat out speed runs and very few restrictions other than some places you had to have spark arresters. When we raced our Tri-Sports I found that the stock Kohler exhaust system gave you less problems. But for the show nothing like the sound of a pair of expansion chambers and the two stroke winding up to bring a lot of people to come see what was making that sound and then to show them all what a hot atv could do.
I may be fat and old but I still long to do the things we did all over again. But that is what makes me a Triker for life.
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