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The Colt frame I have is in such poor shape but I'm pretty sure it didn't have shocks. The way the top frame bars look like they are cut in the back, that is how my frame is.
Looks real close. The bars under the seat have the pretty plug in the end of one side...pretty sure no rear suspension. Kinda looks like its got it in the pic...


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Arco sold those under the Cadet II name (but they used that name like they did EZ Rider) ,

Ive got a photo of a really nice survivor one on my hard drive, the Tec on it looked to be late 1968-early 1969 to give you an idea of age.
The article says that the Colt frame was split and had suspension? Maybe the one in the OP is older and has no suspension?
Nice bike tho always liked the Arcos
Hi all brand new member here in New Jersey. I had a red Cadet II just like the picture above. Would love to buy one....does anyone have one for sale? Markus is that one around? Thanks Jim