Build Off Trophies


Banned - Must pay $500
I threw together another trophy:

I was piddling around in the garage when this idea popped into my head and, Shazam...there it was before me. I couldn't stop my hands from making it.:shrug:

*This one has some kart parts in it so it may not qualify.
Very Kool...
Dave, your sprocket trophy is great, someone will enjoy having it! I'm still poking around in my parts stash gathering pieces that look like good trophy material.



The one I made is gone so nobody waste your time voting on it. I already asked a mod to delete my earlier post with the pic.

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Here's one more:

This one was inspired by rustybike's cool carb trophy...I had the piston & rod and was thinking of how to use them so I added the two ideas together and came up with this.

T-Town Mini

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T-Town , can you just make em all , and a couple extras too , I won't win but I'd sure like one of those , lol !
That's quite a compliment, chipper...thanks. :wink: I've made my last one, however; still curious to see what others can come up with in the next few months.
I'd much rather be entered in the build-off putting my Powell together but, alas...maybe next year.

Good luck to all those who have entered. :thumbsup:
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Heres my contribution to the 2015 Build Off Trophy's as promised I would to Don. Not as fancy as the others, but I give It my best shot, not really finished not to awful much left that I can do. I will get a gold trophy plate for the front from the local trophy shop... Don If my trophy is used I' will get the plate engraved, with what ever on it.

Sorry pics are not the best.
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Damn Eric! That is awesome! I can't even think this stuff up and you are gettin it done! Very nice...if that is the trophy for last place, send it through!
And more trophies! Jamie, some of you may know him, has offered up these cool dog tags with ball-chain lanyards to the class winners! Maybe we can get him to engrave the class on the back.,..

Now get busy on those builds! Someone is winning and it might be you!