Can anyone tell me what this bike is all I know it’s a pedwin


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I THINK NOT! Look at the frame, not Fox Campus. I have the "Holy Grail" IMO of mii bikes which is a Fox Campus. Look at the frame curves near the rear wheel and you will see the difference.

Times change, people change, hair styles change, interest rates fluctuate, mini bikes change......:D

fox campus early.JPG

Pedwin shoes used them in 1963 for a giveaway promo (they probably got a good deal as Fox had the new design full suspension already in '63). in years previous they used a fox kart, and year after they used the indy kart that I believe fox was also connected with early on for their give aways.

Fox also transfered the campus name over to the new model bikes that were introduced in late1968 for the 69 model year. They still had the 6" wheel campus in '69 but were phasing them out.

fox077 (3).jpg