Carb leaking

I recently got this Briggs running after a carb and tank clean and replacing the diaphragm. After I shut it off, it drips from the plug underneath. Is that plug replaceable? Thanks 3800428F-18B0-4AF0-8697-F5692FD54A5F.jpeg EFBADC3A-D3A2-4AD7-8747-1C0BEA310609.jpeg
No plugs shown in that photo Joe. The only thing I see is a rivet head that retains the slide choke. If it leaks there, it means there is raw fuel in the carburetor throat. That should look like a rich condition in probably the lower RPM to idle range. Fuel at that point is only passing through the removable jet and seat. Might need to replace that tiny gasket or crush gasket if I recall. Been a few years since I changed one. Or if it isn't leaking at that rivet, but somewhere else, don't mind me, and just send me a photo of how you mounted your BC1500 kick stand. :) (I am making the assumption you don't have a leak in the new pulse pump rubber, and that the aluminum is nick free and true)
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