Cat 400x On-Off Toggle Switch


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OK, dumb question.
Any ol toggle switch work? Need to replace mine.
I have been looking and there are 16,000 choices.
I am not good at choices.:laugh:
Yes Buck, any ol switch will work. Even the $5 from ACE. OldMiniBikes sells one that looks cool. Just wire it backwards. (Off is actually on)


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I thought so. I just didn't want to waste any cash.
Hope your day is better today.
I am sick of bad news myself.:thumbsup:
Just go to any auto parts store and get one :thumbsup:
I am doing ok, thanks for asking :thumbsup: I just hope he either goes before or holds on until after Windber :doah:
Thanks Dave and Randy. Great help.
I was overthinking this. Imagine that.:laugh:
Overthinking is easy to do when the switches have those fancy specs like SPDT, or SPST@24VDC. :shrug:

With kill switches, the current is so low, that almost anything will work, as long as it fits the hole. You can also use very small ga. wire, and lately I've been using quick disconnects so I can swap engines around without cutting wires or moving switches.


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She's done.
Note to self, when taking Cat rims apart to repaint, let the air out of the tires. The swell.:laugh:
So, I couldn't stand not painting something. Redid the rims black. I had some of the fake redneck Duplicolor Chrome. Used Marcus's trick. Painted rims then used a plastic bowl to put inside the rim. Gives a perfect chrome edge.
It is a blast to ride. May become my favorite rider.
Only issue is, there is some play in the forks at the neck. I have tightened the crap out of it and it still has play. Guess maybe I will add some washers and see if I can make it stop.
Brakes aren't the greatest, but, they stop.

Thanks for playin along.:thumbsup:


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The reason why the spects. on the switch is amp draw. small elect. motor will draw min. amps large motor will draw alot of amps. so it needs a heavier duty switch. In your case no amp draw just dead short with min. force. high voltage but no force any of them small switches should work. If you switch the wires around, on will still shut it off. Because its a on off switch, on means power going through it so dead short in on position. to fix this prob. unclamp the bottom and reverse the way the switch funtions. its easy to do.