Cat hustler

I'm going to start building the cat hustler but need one crucial part, the seat pan. I'm looking for one or doe's anyone reproduce these? Maybe someone knows a person who can do it. The original is plastic but I assume it can be reproduced in fiberglass. I've talked to a couple of people but haven't had any luck. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. I have CASH! IMG_0323.jpg
I asked you to send me your email address, so I could send you photos. That was the last I heard from you. They can be built from fiberglass, but you can't duplicate the outside dimensions while retaining the 90 degree angles used on the original plastic seats. (There is a reason these plastic seats are now rare)

Here is a bike I did a few years ago for a build off contest.

Here is another Cat (Endura) I did using the same craptastic technology.

You need to have a frame and sissy bar present to build it. As you can see in my photo, I had to build a new sissy bar, so I mounted it beneath the seat and made the seat frame, sissy bar, and seat pad all mount together. It was very sturdy that way.

I'd trade you a very chromed out Powell for this. Time wise, I think I had about 300 hours in mine.

Supposedly some people here have original plastic pieces, but they will not let them go for duplication. They do hint at getting someone to 3D print, etc, but "I've got a juicy bone and you don't" is a common theme here. You cant ride anything with a plastic seat if you weigh more than 20 pounds anyway.
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I did talk to you and sent my email and got your pictures. You said it was very difficult and took tons of man hours to produce. Then you told me to talk to Manchester1 to see what she could do and she can't reproduce it. So I thought maybe some CASH could had one.LOl I wish I had a chromed out powell!! I think I might take it to a boat builder and see if he can mock something up, with gelcoat and then glass. That way I can get the sparkles in the pan like the original. I have a Duster and believe the sissy bar is Identical to the Hustler. I just thought there would be more people here that would know of or have the parts I'm looking for.

Anyway, very nice job on the seats you do nice work.