Cat on-off switch plate

Does anybody make/have a flat on-off switch plate for a Cat 250X? This is just a flat plate of bent aluminum,conforming to the top of the frame in front of the seat.Marked on-off.A couple of people have told me they had one,but the pictures they sent shows a long,flat,square edge panel.I can make one,I just thought I would try and find one first.I might be after a correct kickstand too.I bought one,but it is not for this Cat.For the $20.I paid for it,I will probably will be getting out the torch and making it fit.
I thought I saw one somewhere,it might have been a dream.Somebody offered me one for $50.and if I was doing a show type original only restoration I would buy it.I'm just redoing my old bike I bought new.I paid $99.95 for the bike,so I don't want to pay $50.for the switch panel.If that's what they are worth,well,that's what they are worth.I took mine off early on,the wire broke off within a couple of weeks of getting the bike.I just used the bent piece of metal to short out the plug.On the Tecumseh I missed the strap and put my finger on the plug more often than not.Most of the guys with the Briggs had the little gizmo that flipped over and stayed there to short the plug.