Cat Roller For Sale In Tx.

I have too many other projects going and I hate to see this one not getting the love it deserves. It's missing the engine,tank,chain guard,seat,and sissy bar. The forks are slightly bent, chrome on the bars is pretty good, paint appears original, and not much rust anywhere. Won't take a lot to get it going and have yourself a very cool chopper style bike.Not too sure of model, it says "All American" on the front forks. IMG_1070.jpg
I'm located in Arlington, Tx. and asking price is $150 plus shipping. 00X0X_aO23osF8Q2w_1200x900.JPG 00r0r_lQFbs80QROR_1200x900.JPG
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Is the cat still available
If you can make a deal Kerry is a great member to deal with, he bought a K&S Deluxe from me and drove up to OKC to get it. A super cool guy who's wife is cool with his hobby she was a nice lady as well, it was great to meet them both. I hope to do business with him again, I'm trying to get another Deluxe K&S a couple hours from me.