coleman ct200u with predator 420cc swap?

Hey guys,
I just picked up the mini bike after searching for a while and i know besides doing the popular mods to the stock engine, or throwing a 212cc predator engine into it. Has anyone swapped a 420cc predator engine in it? from the looks of it, looks like it would fit in the same space. Any insight would greatly be appreciated.


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The 420cc engine weighs in at a healthy 80+ pounds...not to mention being wider and taller! I have not done a swap like that, but I think it is way too heavy for the 13HP it has and the 1" clutches are expensive. I'd rather put the money towards the 212 or the stock engine...just my .02


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I think raskin was looking into a larger than stock swap on a coleman, maybe he has some ideas you could put to use......the wider engine makes it necessary to offset it or use some kind of jackshaft setup.
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if it will physically fit then it can be done but you may have to use a jackshaft to get the sprockets to line up or shift the engine way over in a awkward fashion
The 420 is quit a bit wider than the 212. It is also quit a bit taller. It will not fit a Warrior (Don't know about the CT200) without removing the gas tank, air filter and the muffler. If you center it in the frame like it should be you will have to use a jackshaft to realign the chain.