Cool snowmobile/minibike


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WOW never new honda made any thing like that. i wonder how easy it is to get parts and i am not talking about the engine:doah: and it still japan. shipping$$$$:deal:


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there were probably only 75 of them made, they were built for the US market. In '72 the bottom dropped out of the industry, and 90% of the manufacturers bailed because of the gas embargo, and crazy prices got to .35$/gal. No more gas guzzling toys, because they were rationing gas. Only the hugest of manufacturers made it through, ( Yamaha, Ski Doo, Arctic cat, Kawasaki who was swallowed by arctic cat and caused them to bankrupt, Polaris, and John Deere) Kawasaki and John Deere went goodbye in 1979, and the instability if the market caused Artco to close its doors. They re-opened in '84, with only snowmobiles on their menu.


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they were probably built to compete with the Yamaha Sno Scoot, as there were other manufacturers shooting for the upright riding position (A&D Boivin).

I think when I first looked at it I was thinking of the Chrysler single track mono ski dud that didn't work in more than 2 inches of loose snow.
I got to agree with on that one rich, In the early 90's Honda had some bad looking bikes and colors, Remember the Trail 70 they brought back and it did not look as good as the original and did not sell that well here.