Cop stories?

Thought I'd get something interested started.

Anybody been fined or had their mini impounded for riding on the street?

Anyone have an exciting police chase story?

I started riding when I was 14, I'm now 20, and have been lucky enough not to be bothered by police after 6 years of ripping my different bikes around :)
Got pulled over on a bonanza n got a driving while licence suspended ticket had to go to court n all that good stuff, cop turn the bike upside down in the street tryin to find serial numbers, had me mad as fire:doah:
Ah that sucks! I would flip if a cop touched any of my bikes! I did get pulled once on one of my motorized bicycles by a small town big shot cop. staties could care less about the motorized bikes. He let me off with a warning and said if he saw me riding again he'd tow goodluck towing a bike


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In Canada the Police are not so relaxed about some US laws.

One time when I was in Flint, MI . I could not get over the Out door, open drinking at a swap & show. People were driving their stuff around an on the street. Police were driving by, just watching it all, like who cares !

They did give chase on one guy riding, not sure why? But, he was not wearing a helmet, an that was my first thought.

Here, If I were to be on the street, you can be sure I'd be pulled over.
A while ago,

I Drove out the end of the lane to turn around and was pulled over by the Police, LOL

He asked " Where you going with that thing ? "

I said " Right back in my driveway "

He said " Good, keep it there. Otherwise it could get pretty expensive ! "

I said " sure thing " LOL
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lol thats terrible timing! i dont normally ride far on my mini bikes, but i rode my motorized bicycle to a city 25 miles away where i go to school a couple times. so much fun blasting around through traffic, passing plenty of cops and they dont seem to care lol


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when i was 12 we lived next door to a rock quarry which was my playground especially when i got my minibike. one night when it was closed for weekend a friend and i were buzzing around and had gone up a gravel hill and when we turned around to head down we saw a spotlight which was attached to a sheriff patrol car well the light faded and i don't know if he drove off or was sitting in dark waiting. my friend thought it was safe but i wasn't taking a chance and went down the opposite side dragging my minibike straight down with me, needless to say my friend called me chicken but i know if the deputy came out from hiding my supposed friend would have dumped me and my bike and fled. yeah i pushed it home as quietly as i could :scooter:


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After the age of 19 I realized most cops only trouble A holes they would rather not. Lesson is don't be an A hole and you may never encounter a cop. Just a thought
When I was 10-12 we'd ditch the Anaheim PD all the time , we had escape routes planned out for every situation . Now at 50 and in Louisiana , I wave to the cops when I ride by , they could care less as long as you're not acting like an A hole :laugh::scooter:
When i was 13 or 14 i couldn't wait for sunday mornings..i'd jump on my Yamaha MX100 (never considered it a mini but looking back i guess it was) and ride from my folks home in the country about 20 miles to the closest town, get breakfast at Hardees, gas up and then ride home taking every back road i could. All this with no helmet, shorts, tee shirt and no lights. My parents didn't know...till... a state trooper pulled me over. He grilled me about the illegalities and told me to ride home while he followed me. Came right back to my house with me and told my Mom he'd caught me in the "city", explained to her i couldn't do that and that this was a warning. Was cool of him. Mom shrugged it off and didn't tell stepdad. Next sunday i took off again only to find the same state trooper sitting at the end of my road. :scared:
I then remembered telling the officer i did this every sunday Am..duh..
i immediately turned around and went straight home. The officer did not follow me. I never did that particular ride again, although in memory it trumps 99% of all my two wheeled travels. Those were the days.. :thumbsup:
For the 1st time in 30 years Baja... i find myself wanting to do that kinda stuff again. Have had several street legal bikes since but theres something about ...the thrill of it all :) Have found myself on pavement a few times in the last month or so since getting my mini and while i am keeping it close to home for now...i could see a ride to the country store down the road in my future :laugh:
Check out the Mini-bike meet OldMiniBikes held in CA a couple of years ago. After driving over 1,200 miles to be part of the meet, the Rent-a-Cops shut down the event,filed charges on several members on trumped up charges even though OldMiniBikes has permission ( so we were told) to ride at the site.
Typical liberal BS we had to put up with and cow-tow too.
Time warp back to about 1974. I tell my mom that I am spending the night at the neighbors house-common thing for kids back then. Well those neighbors just happened to have a pair of Honda CT70's. At some point in the early AM hours the one boy Mike and I decide to take a little cruise. For whatever reason we wound up only being able to get one of the bikes out for the ride so off we go.
We took the back roads for what seemed like hours. Wound up WAY away from home. Mike was driving-it was his bike. Anyway we are zipping down this road and little did I realize we were out running the headlight. Next thing I know is pain and darkness.

We had crashed and crashed bad. Totally missed a 90 degree turn and went off an embankment down like 10-15 feet. We were both knocked out. Eventually we came to and once we figured out what was what we had to somehow get that bike back to the road. I remember that being quite the challenge. Once back to the road we somehow managed to get the bike restarted. Those Honda's are tough.

So it seems to me that we both just wanted to get back home. We were both pretty hurt so we haul azz back the way we had came. We get to the VERY first intersection that was just a county 4-way stop and as we roll up to it there sits THE county sheriff.

Oh Yea. We got stopped. Now granted this was some 40 years ago but there were a few words that he said to us that I will remember for all of my life.

He said "If this thing will fit in my trunk than I will just take you guys home and release you to your parents-otherwise I will have to impound it and your parents can come pick you up at the county jail". Needless to say we made sure that Honda fit in the trunk of his cruiser. I remember sitting in the back seat riding home thinking about how much trouble I was going to be in and the whole time I was fiddling with the purple S&W 12 gauge 00 buck shotgun shells that were in a belt hanging over the back of the front seat.

Those were the days-
We used to get chased by the police all the time when I was young (Many years ago). We lived out in the country somewhat but had neighbors close by and some of them were A-holes and would call the cops on us.
@atkrider that's an awesome story! Night rides are the best except I guess not really I. Your case

@tbird I live in the country too, almost never any police around