Cop stories?


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Do these cop stories have to involve mini bikes?:laugh:

I have had a number of run ins with the police prior to 40.:laugh:
I used to ride my baja warrior all around my neighborhood. I throw on a torque converter and header with no muffler and the usual and guess pissed off the old women that sit on the front stoop up the street bc one day there was a cop waiting for me. Made it back home up the alley with the cop behind me. I stopped in front of my garage he pulled up next to me and asked if I had tags for my scooter. I laughed and said this is a mini bike not a scooter. He said I wasn't allowed to ride it on the street. He said its a nice looking scooter I hate for anything to happen to it. Not sure if it was a threat or not but I don't ride it on the street to much now.


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Which one?:laugh:

The funniest one I remember...

I was a 70's guy. Grew up in a fairly small town in NW Ohio.
We lived in a typical shotgun style house. Three rooms downstairs all exactly the same size.
We had front door that was glass. You could look in the front door and see right through to the kitchen.
I was raised by my Grandparents. They had retired and figured they could finally trust to leave me at home while they went to Florida.
Smart me, decides to have a couple buddies over for a little party.
I got my fancy Marantz stereo with Cerwin Vega speakersdown from my bedroom. Had Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band Live Album cranked loud.
We were in the middle room hitting the bong and playing baseball.
Three good bowls right quick in a row. Thus, baseball, three strikes and your out.
I had just batted and needless to say was tore down.
I walked into the living room and started hitting my head against the front door.
Open my eyes and there stood one of Tiffins finest looking right into the house at me.:laugh:
Next thing you know, 5 of 6 of Tiffins police cars were there for this huge party and drug den.:laugh:
There were three of us and a quarter bag.:confused:

So, they all come in wantin to know, "Where's the Shi@@"?
We are like huh?? What??
The first cop says, " I've been on the front porch watching you guys hit the bong for a half hour". :laugh:
So, we give up the stash. They take us downtown and process us and release us for future court date.
The "arrest" made the second page of the local paper with headlines, Big pot bust on Jackson Street.:laugh:

My grandfather was a avid newspaper reader.
They were coming home so I threw all the newspapers out. Only in the trash can in the house. Daaaaaaa.
He gets the papers out and was reading them quietly. That lasted until page two.:laugh:

And that's when the fight started.:laugh::laugh:
They had weed in Ohio ?? Bet it wasn't like the good Cali Chit :laugh: I got popped w/ weed a couple times in California as a kid and they'd just take it ( for later I think ) or make us destroy it ! Once I had a bag in each pocket , I coughed up the one and he was happy , I kept the good one in other pocket and as soon as he left guess what :laugh::laugh:


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My high school was Columbian High.The sideline banners during football were interesting.

Smoke Columbian, sticks out.:laugh:
Had my son and nephew riding a go kart that does wheelies, and a baja heat with torque converter around the neighborhood. They passed this elderly lady mowing her lawn:

1) first time around she gave them the evil eye
2) second time around she had her hands on her hips giving them the death stare
3) third time around she was waving her arms above her head
4) fourth time around they saw her on the phone :blink:
5) fifth time around a cop stopped them, escorted them back to my house

The cop had a good conversation with me. I explained what I did as a hobby with the karts and mini bikes and he was impressed with the go kart. He emphasized that he was glad they were wearing helmets. Anyway, long story short he said he wouldn't bust us if he just saw us riding around, but some of his co-workers WOULD. He said that the reason why he had to come out was because the lady complaining that "kids were speeding around the neighborhood on motorcycles and doing wheelies" oh great!

You would think my son/nephew would have got the hint the first time or two around.... :no:

Anyway, here is the video of the go kart. The mini bike is getting a nice restore by christmas time.

Go Kart Wheelies and Donuts - YouTube
There is a saying," You are never going to talk yourself out of a ticket, but can certainly yourself into one." The moral being that the cop has made up his mind to ticket you and no amount of talking will change that or he is undecided pending your demeanor and attitude.
I got stoped on labor day with my buddy we were riding my kids bikes down to the corner store .literally two blocks away from my house .he got out of the cop car on the phone with the tow company screaming unregistered vehicles lmao. he took me to jail for driving on a suspended and unregistered vehicle it cost me $100 to get out of jail and $380 to get the minis out of the impound