doodle bug clutch and chain questions

I didnt word that rite. Its the clutch I'm wanting to know about. Besides shaft size and # of teeth, what else am i looking for?
Do i have to specify the clutch will be used with a #35 chain and sprocket?
212 hf. 3/4 shaft........ I need to buy a chain, rear sprocket in very good condition. I was wondering if I needed to specify #35 chain when i order the clutch? Its an early model, prudy sure it comes stock with a #35 chain. The rear sprocket is a 70 tooth and its in good shape. Theres no chain or clutch. So... I'm gonna buy a chain and a clutch. I'm thinking i. Need a #35 chain and a 3/4" shaft clutch. Does the clutch bell sprocket need to be specificly for a #35 chain?
Predator 212 , 3/4 clutch shaft with #35 pitch and the 12 tooth is the norm. Your stock chain will work just fine but it will be to you can add to it or buy a new longer chain. Also if you still have the original stock chain adjuster I would use it to. I would use a Max Torque clutch myself, its cheap but works great....and you don't have to have any certain bell as they are all pretty much spaced the same way.
And yes the clutch has to be for a #35 chain pitch.
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