Exhaust connection help

I have a Loncin 125cc clone engine. It is a horizontal four-stroke with gearbox. I'm needing to fab or otherwise obtain an exhaust system for my conventional, old school minibike. The exhaust manifold studs are 45mm center-to-center. The port is 33mm in diameter. For whatever its worth, this engine has the exact same engine mounting holes as a Lufan (maybe the exhaust is similar). Can anyone please recommend off the shelf parts or comments about making ones own connection fitting?

Loncin exhuast manifold.JPG


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It has been a long time...sorry, but I cannot recall When searching eBay, use the criteria "pit bike" and what you need. Search "pit bike exhaust gasket" and I think you will find it!
These will work Gary! You can mock up the pipe without them while you are waiting for them as they come from China!

2X 32mm Copper Exhaust Gasket 110cc 125cc 140cc PIT PRO Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy

You might need one of these also or fabricate you own to support the rear canister....make sure this one fits your diameter if you order...

Pit bike muffler exhaust bracket hanger 87mm | eBay

Just a heads up Gary those are loud pipes! Most after markets you will find are! Listen to my ride video again if you are unsure! As always feel free to contact me with any questions! :thumbsup:
Thanks a lot, Tom and Jason! This is timely information because I just sat down to order some more parts. I do want a quiet exhaust so I may have to get a different muffler. Does anyone know about the following? I have no idea if it would fit, but I'll know a lot more when my system arrives.

38mm Mute Silence Quiet Exhaust Muffler Fits 125cc 140cc 150cc 160cc Pit Bike
Hey Gary! Its funny you linked that muffler as I have that one saved on ebay also! I went out and checked my headers and they both are 28mm at the end to muffler/canister inlet so if yours that you ordered is like mine you should be able to make a 28mm to 38mm adapter out of aluminum to make up the difference to the quiet muffler inlet...that is what I would do! I have no idea how that quieter muffler sounds like that you linked to but it just might do the trick!!