Finished Restoration of my 1959 Nash Metropolitan

I have not done anything with minibikes in the last 5 years because I was busy with this project. The car was a complete "rustbucket" hence the reason the restoration took me 5 years. Did the entire project except for the rebuild of the engine myself. Fun and unusaul car is a blast to drive.
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Looks great!!! They made those in the town I live in (EL Segundo California) the building is still there Mc Donald Douglas took over they building after them. The street the building sits on is still called Nash St.


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One of my friends bought one of those while we were in high school, I thought they were pretty cool cars. Too bad it met its fate at the end of a sledge hammer before going to the wrecking yard! Very nice job on your restoration.
My Dad had one when I was a kid and a friend had one during High School. Fun little cars, you can cram more people in one than you'd think!