florida minibike drag racing league

outlaw fun runs and testing this sunday oct30th in crystal springs on bay ave and hawthorn st...don't worry you will find us lol...be there around 10:30 11 am
had a blast this weekend!! tested my new radar gun on some passes. got the 390 going 75mph in the 1/8 mile on loose dirt, nearly bit it when the nos kicked the minibike sideways.
should be at the fairgrounds next will post info asap
no problem julio get that smaller sprocket on and a new coil and that thing is gonna fly!! tom is looking into twin carbs for the vtwin he just cant stand loosing to me lmao. we had three races after you left, I had the bottle off I beat him two to one lol. joe is going to build a vtwin now he really liked tome ride!!!
talked to the manager of the fairgrounds yesterday and hes all for letting us do something there. he will be back in town the week of the 14th so I'm going to try to get us out there to drag out and test a dirt drag track on the 19th or 20th of this month unless theres something else going on there that weekend.. will keep you all posted
so far no contact with the fair people!!! they are not returning my calls!!! will keep trying and let you guys know asap thanks for your patience
ok finally got a call from the fair management. they are booked till the first of the year. they do want to meet with me the first of January to discuss what we want to do and how often and the rates for arena rental. will keep you guys updated on that.
there is a event this weekend at Lakeland motorsports park. but I think we would only be able to run the test and tune part on Friday night at 6pm.
just may do some outlaw racin this weekend who wants some???
just found out there will be no billetproof races for next year. billetproof will be at Ocala at garlets museum with no drag racing just the car show.
florida minibike drag racing league meeting this sunday 10am at toms garage in crystal springs corner of bay ave. and hawthorn st...look for minibikes on bay ave.. going over the rule book and marketing stratigies to get more exposure and membership!!! all are invited bring your minibike and cooler!!!
great meeting sunday got the rule books out ... anyone wanting a rule book please pm me will mail to you... next meeting will be at the zepherhills bike night ...anyone wanting to show your minibike let me know and we will make a spot for you
the plant city bike night was a complete success!!! we had over 35 people committed to start building minibikes and start racing with us!!! many thanks to julio, tom and kevin for helping me the whole night!! we were shocked to see so many people interested in the minibikes!!!
fantastic night!!!