For Sale: 1960s Power Dyne RAIL chopper mini bike


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Hey Guys,, Too many projects have been following me home lately so I thought I would part with this 1960s Power Dyne made in Pawtucket Rhode Island "The Rail" chopper (you guys told me what it was).
Bike has a 3hp Briggs and it looks like it has some newer disc brake parts that were put on at some point. Seat needs to be reattached and your basic tinkering I am sure as most minis do... I have not tried to get it running yet so I am sure it will need typical carb and tank cleaning etc..
I figured $300 is fair as it's a seldom seen model. It would be best if you could pick it up... We are about 10 miles south of Boston Massachusetts. If I have to ship it, that will be another $150 up front and if there is money left over I will mail you a rebate.
Please email DIRECT to oscarhedstrom at
I knew that would sell fast. I wanted to grab it and I'm about 1hr. away here in Worc. County. But Christmas is here, got two projects going. One for my 12yr. son and a pink one for my 9yr. old little girl. Who ever bought it got a great deal!

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