FS Burnishing for minibike parts (pics)

Dan is a buddy who lives just across the State from me. I'm doing Dellorto carbs for his restorations. They were oxidized and dirty. A lot of time is spent wiring the sensitive areas to prevent pins from sticking. Everything was cleaned, blasted, and burnished.

Here are some before and after.

All the way from the People's Republic of California (my ex-home) come some very cool Palmini parts and GoPowers. KR sent me some parts for an upcoming restoration. I had them boxed up in 24hrs. It's hard to tell from the pics, but the WB exhaust turned out every bit as good as the others. Thanks KR.

Here is the finished work for Carmine. Everything was cleaned, blasted, burnished.

Above and Beyond pleased! Sam, you are awesome and do great work. I sometimes worry when I hear Carmine sends stuff out to you. He usually slips in about 20 items I have no clue that he sent, and I usually find out at the last moment Lol but you have always been more then fair with us. You are an asset to our mini bike/ go kart/ trike community. I will always refer people to you. Great work. Thank You
Thanks BBT. It was a big job indeed. I've got some other jobs to post because that's all I've done for the last 4 days. I want to share this one first.

Anyone reading this can comment below. What (if any) danger is there in using strong acids on lead soldered gas tanks? I'll put an answer later if no one gets it.

EK sent a big box of parts and one in particular I knew would be a challenge. It was a rusty Rupp tank that was originally chrome plated. Inside and out looked about the same.

You can mechanically remove plating. Nickel, as I've said before is very tough. There is an expensive stripper which works well and I've used it with success. It requires heat, time, and some agitation.
I blasted inside and out, stripped the nickel, blasted again, and threw it in the tank full of the burnishing pins. Although pitted from rust, it will make a perfect painted tank for EK.

And the inside.
Dan with the carburetors above in this thread sent some wheels and misc parts for his restoration.
The wheels needed some degreasing and blasting before burnishing. The throttle assemblies had some sort of Chuck Norris coating on them. Not even 12 hours in paint stripper would remove it. The Clinton Megaphone was already blasted and the HD cover was a "blast only".


dartkevin sent me 9 Lil Indian halves. Some were painted, and the others were just dirty. Coincidentally, I was just in his city of residence just a few months back. Great Roads ;)

Thanks Kevin
...And then there is MG in my Birth state of WI. No one packs a box better than MG. Double wall cardboard, dividers, and even bolts are bubble wrapped. Apparently this one took 3hrs to pack correctly. Since I went to CA public schools it will take me the next few days to repack.
Some of the Before pics.

MG's stuff continued. Every part was degreased, stripped of lingering paint, and blasted before burnishing.

And lets see how this 580 WB with the rare Palmini Piston turned out. The Engine burnished in an hour and it took 20 minutes to pick the pins out of the fins. Not one pin got lost!

Looking up into that blind bore. Perfection.