Gemini Engine and parts


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I don't know if is for 50cc or 80 or what?
If this is the wrong section to post unknown engine, please LMK or switch it to where it should be.
Looks like the carb,oil pump, kick starter and both cases are on it, but missing shifter.
Also, cool thing is the original cable with the choke and clutch both on one lever? Never saw that deal before.
I rode a Gemini when I was a kid, but the owner soon after blew it up so I do not have a lot of experience with the different models.

Anyway, just looking for good info if anyone can point me in the right direction.
Tank looks pretty big, so maybe it is for a big model?


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The gas tank and oil tank is off an 80. The engine looks like an 80 but if I had a better look at the left case I could tell for sure. If the carb cover is oval it is a 50, if kind of triangular it is an 80. Pretty sure the serial on the 80 starts with m8. Can let you know for sure when I return home Sunday.
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The triangular sidecase allows room for the oil injection pump. I am partial to Gemini/Maverick minis. If you have any more questions please ask. In the process of rebuilding an 80 for a run in the Georgia mountains in October.

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