Gemini Scrambler


I am looking for help with a Gemini Scrambler that needs lots of parts.My friend rode this bike when he was a kid.He wants his son to ride it next year. Can anyone help with parts breakdown of the bike and any parts venders for Gemini.
If you have any pictures of your bike that would help also. Thanks


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for a scrambler I highley doubt you are going to find any vendors with NOS parts for them. There is someone in California that bought up the remaning Gemini parts but in the later years the Gemini's went to 2 stroke and were very different from what the scrambler was, from what I have heard pretty much anything he has is for the later bikes.

I have a bike that used the same overseas supplier that Gemini used to build the scrambler which I am working on restoring. I bought a parts bike for a few odds and ends so I may have a few parts that will work. Let me know.