get a coleman CT200U to climb hills

Hi all,
Complete newbie. I'm looking to climb steep, rough hills at a friend's ranch and I'm a big feller. I don't have the $7,000 for a Rokon but I could spring for a $500 Coleman CT200U from Walmart. Most of the advice I see for these is to make them go faster but I want mine to go slower with more torque, i.e., climb steeper hills. Also, this bike has lot of annoyances: a grinding sound from the front wheel bearings on rough ground, surging at idle, and, at times, a very loud grinding from the clutch when backing off the throttle to idle, but I can put up with this if I can get better rough ground performance. Any advice? I'm assuming lower tire pressure, maybe a bigger sprocket, but does the TAV-2 help low end torque and have a better feel? Any other mods?
Thank you in advance for any advice offered and apologize if this has been answered elsewhere,
Hi welcome from what I know your correct in thinking a tav 2 system would have a positive effect on what your trying to accomplish it basically continually varys the gear ratio has little to no effect on top speeds but keeps the ratio in the zone it needs to be in under heavier loads like your describing I'd try a clone tav from OldMiniBikes I've had good success with them and there cheaper than a comet good luck....
A "torque converter" is basically a mini CVT like you'd find on a Snowmobile or ATV only it's attached to it's own mounting plate.
Here's a video on how they work in principle How A CVT Works by TEAM - YouTube

Basically it always starts in low gear and goes to a higher ratio as the RPMs increase.

In a true CVT it will downshift if it senses load or reduction in RPM - not sure if all torque converters do that...


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Bigger rear sprocket will definitely help. I'd check out the noises in the clutch and front wheel before getting too far from civilization. Carrying or pushing one will get old in just a few yards.

I couldn't tell from your wording if you have already bought this or just know of the models problems. If you haven't already bought it you might check out a used true trail scooter such as the Tote Gote. Their three stage gearing makes them more suited for heavy loads and slow steep climbs.
Hey 30\40.
I bought one of those ct200's used about a year ago. First thing i did with it was take off down the trails behind my house, i've done them thousands of times on the 4 wheeler and old XR200. I was more than a little surprised to find that the CT200 couldn't climb anything more than a moderate angle with me on it and the clattering and clanking was more than what i could stand. Loose bearings in the front wheel and steering neck made for an unpleasant experience. Not to mention having to walk it up hills :sad:

With those exceptions though, i've got to say its been a fun and reliable machine. I quit goin down the trails and stick to the dead end deserted road out front and for running through the yard to the neighbors and back. It does fine for this and cranks up reliably both summer and winter, runs and rides fine for what it is. I think your on the right track and really look forward to hearing of awesome performance once you change to a TAV or such. I meant to do the same but instead changed my riding habit to suit the machine better. Made me appreciate it more and oneday i hope to take the time to change over to a Torque system myself. That and replace all the bearings, tighten things up. I did find that adding some proper oil to clutch as per instructions really did quieten the clanking down. Best of luck and post as you go! J.