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Thats a bummer! I have already noticed that guage/update image show up here randomly (I can still see photos from me but not sure if thats becuase they are mine and others cant see them :shrug:). Anyone have suggestions, ratings for some of the other image hosting sites that will allow posting to forums? Limited use for like just a classified ad here and there where the pic can and should be deleted out once the item has changed hands.


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Every picture I have ever posted to this site has been hosted on photobucket I guess they figure that people like me would become dependant and would be willing to pay a ransom to keep my pictures ha ha guess again. :laugh: ok I guess the next question would be where else can I go to host pictures I am operating from a smart phone


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You can have your own complete website for way less than $400 and post links to photos and videos. My website is less than $100 per year.
Supporting membership here will allow you to upload as many photos as you wish.

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Anyone that uses PB should go now & D/L their entire album there to their home PC. There is an option on your home page to do this. PB will compress it into a single ZIP file to make it a 1 click operation.

Probably the only thing they got right in recent years.