Get your check book out !!!


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I don't think it's too much of a stretch for a bike that nice to bring $2100 (there are 2 bikes here). He'll just need to find a buyer that wants two of them.

I wouldn't mind owning one, but I don't know what I'd do with two of them.

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Maybe I'm just dense, but what is so concerning about that?
Living in the same state and checking Craigslist all too often I've seen his many listings, I've drawn my own conclusions and had first hand and second hand experience buying from him. Additionally....

"I REBUILD AND COLLECT" what is told to people to get the best price, but he actually buys and sells for maximum profit. Misleading and shady.

"I DONT SELL PARTS"...I've purchased parts from him. He parted out entire working bikes just to make a buck. Misleading and shady.

"LOOK ON EBAY FOR PARTS IF YOUR LOOKING TO BUY".....I did, when he had parts on Ebay the pictures and description were misleading and the shipping was too much. I did not realize this until receiving my item I found it to be damaged.

"IF YOU WANT PICS GOOGLE IT"...or check his other Craigslist ad. where he clearly knows how to post pictures. Misleading and shady.

The guy has had multiple listings for bikes wanted and for sale, using the same pictures. What happened to REBUILD AND COLLECT?

I've talked to another OldMiniBikes member who has purchased parts from him on Ebay that were misleading. Upon trying to work things out regarding the misleading items and the extensive shipping costs, he was basically told to pound sand. After not being able to rationally work things out, said OldMiniBikes member then decided to leave the seller negative feedback on Ebay. The seller then contacted the OldMiniBikes member again, telling him that he knows where he lives and threatened violence against him....for getting completely earned/justified negative Ebay feedback.

To each their own, but if you want a positive buying/selling experience that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth I would look elsewhere.