Gilson / Montgomery Wards Chain Guard - Clutch Cover


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I'm sure that my very good friend Steve will be reasonsble on the repop items, seeing as I have 2 MW's that need them. :):)
I won't be pricing these guards, but I'm sure they'll be cheaper than the ones on eBay.

No fenders, I'll let someone else tackle that.
Well don't keep us in the dark on the guards, there seems to be a demand with us monkey ward owners.

I need to go check but do the fenders interchange? My front is mint but the rear has been repaired and slightly wavy. Good enough for me but I wouldn't want to pull a plug off it. If they do swap I maybe able to make some fiberglass repops. Will be awhile because it's been years since I've tinkered with making glass parts and I'm sure I'm rusty and don't have any supplies.