Gumpit's Cast Off--1970 CAT 300SS

Here we go and I'm not killing myself this year. This is a 1970 CAT 300SS which was actually a mish-mash of left over parts Muskin had from other models. As always, I've got frame and fork issues: High speed forks, bent handlebars and a ton of booger welds on the frame. I actually have a lot of OG parts including the disc brake, kick stand, NOS CAT wheels and stars. Of course, I need fenders and a clutch cover. However, the star of the show is a genuine 1970 Tecumseh Mini Bike engine that I stole for $25 (my first real mini engine). My hope is to restore to as-built but I'll need to reach out to find fenders and a clutch guard. But if you're willing to loan a set of fenders and a clutch guard, I'll make fiberglass molds of each and keep the molds on hand if folks get desperate. Karen has my order already for the correct seat. Glad to see some regulars in, welcome to the new ones and guys coming back. As always, thanks to OldMiniBikes for supporting and to @manchester1 for moderating!

There is a back story I'll get to along the way....


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Glad to see you back in this year, always enjoy watching your builds. I think I still have my fiberglass Cat clutch cover from my build off bike last year I did not use. Shoot me a messege if interested.


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Glad I could contribute Pete. If you're interested I have some forks, springs, spring cups, handle bars and frame from this old rusty Cat duster I purchased last summer. Forks are straight, you'll just have to weld new studs to the top of them. I'll let them go cheap I don't need them. Handle bars are bent. You already got the fenders off of it!