H40 Questions

Got ahold of a Whirlwind with the Tecumseh H40.

A couple questions:
1. It has an oil leak from the gov shaft. Yes, the shaft has some play, but I'm thinking maybe the breather isn't working right and the pressure is blowing oil out the governor shaft hole. All suggested resolutions/experiences appreciated.

2. Having trouble getting it to idle consistently below 1700 RPM. Is this typical for these small engines?

3. Age of the engine? Engine Model: H40 55806A Engine family:TTP156U1G1EB D.O.M. 8118 B

Thanks in advance for any help,
1. You should be able to put some suction on the breather with the filler cap removed to help prove/disprove.

2. If 1700 is below your clutch engagement speed I'd be happy.

3. I'll say 1998. I don't think they started the "D.O.M" until the 90's.

Removed the Breather and the tube was pushed in too far. It was touching the back of the breather chamber. This effectively blocked the tube and all the crankcase pressure was finding it's way out around the governor shaft causing the oil leak.

Clutch engages at about 2200, so I'm ok with idle at 1700.

Thanks for the info,