Help ID my DuneCycle that I just pickied up.

It has a desert scene on each side. It has a 8hp B&S.

The plastic is in bad shape but I hate to lose the decals on it, if I go down to the fiberglass.

I just could not pass on the deal.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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I know it is a Alsport early design of the TS-130 but the graphics on the side are from when the Tri-Sport side of Alsport was sold out to Pro Mark out of Arizona.
They came up with their own graphics with a Western flavor. And the 8 HP Briggs was not from any Alsport
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Thanks for the leads guys. I will keep digging. I know I seen that decal or at least that charater somewhere before.

Where can I get two long brake cable and a long throttle cable?


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Check what length you need. It seems like the pre-made brake cables only go up to 60". I got mine from They have throttle cables up to 90". The 90" is a bit short on mine but it has to loop around and come in from the back side of my clone engine. has throttle cables up to 120".
i did a TON of searching for brake cables longer than 60" for my snowco trike and came up empty handed. I finally went to a bicycle shop and had them order "tandem length" brake cables with an end for mountain bike levers. i also picked up a set of mtn bike levers while i was there (nicer than any of the mini bike stuff i could find). the brand on the cables was "Bontrager" any shop dealing in Trek, or Garry Fischer bikes should be able to get them. also any good bike shop should be able to cut cable housing to any length you need