HELP! Tote Gote questions

I just got a tote gote 600 and have questions about restoring it! I have been looking everywhere for what kind of belt it used because it didn't have one when I got it. PLS HELP! first bike. also need help with repair the fork. One side has a lot of play and doesn't "spring" back, how ever the other side seems fine. can't figure out what the purpose of the three screw holes on each side is for either.
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Your belt is probably a Comet 203790. This belt fits most tote gotes with a 6" driven pulley. The front end is a more difficult problem. You may have a broken spring. The bottom end of the fork tube was crimped to hold the seal. The crimps will need to be knocked out before removing the 3 set screws and pulling out the innards. This is never easy. The more time you spend on the crimps, the easier it will be.


Thanks for the info but I'm still confused about the set screws because the side that works very smoothly doesn't have screws in it right now, and before I took the two screws that were in there( there were only two of the three screws) it didn't work!? So I took them out not knowing what they were. But I don't know if the screws were in there wrong and I should replace them if they were important or if I should leave them out. Thanks again.
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The screws were probably too long (or just missing the washers) so they stopped the slides from moving. I think they were only 1/4" long and had flat washers. They need to be there but not in so far as to contact the slide.
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