help with a model a ???

Yes i need more pics i know and i have some to post of the surgery on the steering wheel resurrection . But at best ill have the mechanical parts of the car for most of it as i dont have a body . .... yet im lookin but what i will find time will tell .Still looking for a car motor no luck as of yet but the hunt is stil on .
Well after a long and hard look its happened ..... got me some more parts . Got alot of parts at a auction break stuff steering and and two motors too and transmission two bell housing mix match boxes of stuff.

So the motors will. Be a project this fall and winter still lookin for some bits and where to get kits like a model b distributor rebuild kit . A ring gear is something im lookin for to . More pics and work to come as we awaken the old mmodel a .
Does anyone know how many of the body parts off the farm trucks fit the car.. farm truck same as the pickup cab at least seems like tbe gas tanks and fire wall are the same . Doors seem to cross on some of them . Why am i wondering ??? Well wanting a car but no luck may take a truck cab off a aa and make a car body . Looks like a cut behind the door add some length then put the back trunk of a car on it. Not easy but can't get what im lookin for sooo build it.
Well wanting a car but no luck may take a truck cab off a aa and make a car body .
I can tell you this much.... A double A truck grill and a sedan share the same dimensions and will interchange without modification. Lots of people use a double A grill on a sedan because they were a non plated grill.

Why cut up a good double A cab when you can buy the reproduction Model A pick up bed parts. I would buy a new tailgate and fab the rest of the bed to fit the cab and chassis.

I knew a guy years ago that had a Model A pickup and he had a load of rock in the bed at all times. Well it looked like rock..... It was a foam board lump with small rocks glued to it. Made you look twice and say WTF... Easy to set out when you wanted to haul something else too.
Well why cut up an aa to make a car ? Well i can find a pile of farm trucks but iwant a car . So im working with whats here .... and thats not much . Looking at.. building my own shell out of sheet steel . And if i can use and truck parts it would save alot of time .
Well more stupid questions does a model t spider gear carrier fit in a model a ? And why do i ask well need a tool to set the rear end up and have a t diff to spare so if i can ill use the parts to set it up.
[MENTION=15346]metal man[/MENTION] What's the latest on the A-bone????

Was thinking about you having plenty of truck parts available. Have you considered a 4 door truck? Or build a 4 door truck with a more car like back on the cab?

Lots of options if you have the time, patience and ability to whittle metal.

Still sorting the stuff from the auction . And working on the transmission getting parts sorted as to what good and not . And working on the other stuff on it got the ssteering column mostly done . Straight and welded up still got the bushings to fix and a few things to work on . Should take a pic of the stuff i got at the sale ... may still get one when i get it sorted out . Got alot of work on the rear axel and not cheap parts bearings are up there in cost . When the budget to build a car is um .... well .... aaahhh ... i got well $23 into it so far . Still lookin for a steering wheel or even a hub that fits the spline . Then i could make my own wheel but the hunts still on for that . But in all the resurrection is stll on goin abit slow but still on we march .
Ya been thinking on some weird truck freak thing . Still look to do a car when i get to the body . Kinda a custom one off car or a end of the run dump the parts out and make a thing lookin like a car .
Lots of repairs and parts to build for the chassis from radius rods to cutting the homemade motor mount off , welding up some cracks hear and there. When i got a running chassis then work will turn to body and what mods will be done .