Honda clone air filter - foam or dual stage?

I have a mini baja, and I broke the stud that holds the air filter and cover. Is there an advantage of disadvantage to using a foam filter instead of the other kind of filter?

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The stud broke deep into the plastic. I bought a foam filter assembly on
ebay for $6.00, but it won't allow the use of the paper element filter because it is a genuine Honda part which is a slightly different casting. My question is if there is any performance difference between the Honda foam or dual stage filters. I can see that the dual stage filter has more air surface area, but the foam seems more porous.
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howdy, packoderm! i also have a mini baja, love it ! just added a tav2 30series torque converter , took a little modification , but well worth the effort! im 250lbs & it takes off in 1/2 the time of the stock red.gear set up. the top speed is 30 mph. the tav is only making it through 3/4 of the range. ill change the rear sprocket to a larger one soon. any ideas?? im looking into a front disk break set up, from a dirt bike . let me know .

Hello 2ndchldhd. I have a tav2 on order; it is due on the 21st. I plan on fitting a front drum brake. I already have an extra rear rim and tire which has a drum and sprocket. I have a brake assembly, cable/lever, spacers, and backing plate stay thingy on the way from ebaysilverreef. I will remove the sprocket, but I guess i'll just leave the sprocket mounting part on the hub unless I can figure out a way to machine it off. I got my California green sticker just yesterday. For my final modification, I would like to get some kind of swing arm and shocks for the rear and a longer travel front end so that I can really jam on the motocross course with my 7 year old son who rides a 90cc quad. I'm thinking that I could get an ATC front end to fit. I'll test out the foam filter assembly tomorrow on a 3 day riding/camping trip.
Another air cleaner option for the mini baja is a K&N part number RU-0060. You'll need to trim down the base of the K&N air cleaner where it mounts to the engine/carb, but that's simple. It replaces the whole air cleaner box. I still drilled a hole in the rubber top of the air filter and bolted it down to make sure it stays in place. I put a TAV-30on my mini-baja (see write up on mini-doodle site) and it is one of the best things I've done to it. I also hooked up a running light on the back fender so I'd be seen.

If your bolt snapped, you can fix it with a small piece of brake line and some JB weld. Use the small piece of brake line as a sleeve to connect the two pieces (that's what I did anyway...)