Honda clone good buy???

Blue what?

Just go down to Harbor freight when they are on sale for $129 (right now and usually once a month)and use a 15% off coupond to make it $110 . I think pepboys has them on sale from time to time also but don't know the make of clone. I heard the harbor and Champions are good clones.
i really like the Jiangdong clone engines, so far from what i see they hold up to RPMs real well. my neighbor has one that is ungoverned and it revs nicely without any problems.
Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I really enjoy it. I purchaced a Baja motorsports doodlebug and installed a Harbor Freight Lifan 6.5hp Chinese clone engine ($117.12 with the coupon). This engine starts so easy and runs great. It starts easier (less effort to pull the rope) than my GC160's on my Honda lawnmower and snowblower.

The mini runs great with the new engine.........governer spring replaced with a piece of welding rod...............42 mph with the GPS taped to the front fender. 29 mph with the governer connected. I've only reved it out a couple times to do the top speed run.

I wish I had photos of the mini's I owned when I was a kid. They were so much fun.

My question is what's the difference between the different Chinese clone engine manufacturers? (besides the engines being blue, red, yellow or black)
I couldn't be happier with the one I have. I will be building another one soon.

Groves, the Champions were sold at some Costco stores. I bought two of them for $114 each and haven't had any problems. What was weird is some stores in Kalifornia were selling them for $79! :doah: I raised a stink about that but after 12 passings of the bucks on the phone, I gave up. :eek:ut:

Not all clones have the same quality of parts castings and heat treat. They are pretty consistant builing good AK-47's though. :thumbsup:
I noticed that some Honda clones have a plastic flywheel is this true or am i seeing things??? Plus, would a harbor freight run well ungoverned?
The Last Champion I Saw had a Lifan sticker on it and was exact down to the tee of my harbor freight clone. Im Pretty happy with my HB 6.5

I Beat the pee out of it and its held up better than my Briggs 6.5.