Honda clone....

Okay, I just picked up a hinda clone at harbor freight for $89 on sale.... I have a few questions for MDB.

MDB, I cant afford a cam right now but what other thing can I do? Port,Big valves, carb,billet rod, rockers from you....

Now what about pushrods? Do you sell any? Or they are just not made? Any other mods that I can to this motor? I am trying to keep this a low budget motor but speed costs money and you pay to play....:doah:

MDB I was thinking is this the carb I need to match your intake for a honda clone?-- eBay Motors: XR 50 70 CRF Mikuni Carb 22mm TTR KLX 90 110 Bore Ready (item 140183690594 end time Dec-02-07 20:47:23 PST)

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You should at least remove the governor. You could shave like around .50 thousands of the stock head, that will raise your stock compression from 8.1
to 9.1 ratio. Also on top of that you can install a flat top piston for an additional point in compression 10.1 After all that do 1.2 ratio rockers and 24lb springs and your on the way to the moon:)


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That carb will get the job done.
I have some stronger push rods, and the 1.2 ratio rockers.
I also have a nice bolt on head I can sell you for a pretty cheap price.

I had the head on Ebay, and my buddy won the head. But he end up never paying me for it:thefinger:

It's a 18cc head that has been milled 0.060", fully ported(etc), spring pockets cut. I also have valve springs, stainless steel valves, and the little black intake manifold if needed.

I also have pictures if needed.