Honda clone

well i just picked up my robin engine. i went with the 4.5 HP but what i found out if you use the after market carb and machine the head and use a pipe exhust you can gain about 6 HP on top of the 4.5. im not sure if this is true but thats what the rep at Robin told me. sooo ill try it out and let everyone know how it works...


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That guy was just pulling your leg.

Buy machining the head I'm guessing he means either "port it" or "mill it". But either way I have done both to a 7hp version and you will only have about 11-12hp total with a aftermarket carb and header. Your basically getting about 1hp per modification. The power differs, but with a smaller engine you would gain less power.

If you were plaining on maybe wanting more power later you should have got the bigger 7hp engine from the start.
i am thinking about pickiing up one of those 419cc clones out there...factory bored and stroked gx390 clones! slap a header, remove the guvna', and torque your way to the fun bank.