Horsepower of B&S Engine

I have a 1964 Fox Campus mini and am almost positive that the engine is original as is everything else on this survivor. It was listed as coming with a 3 HP Briggs. The model number is #80202 and the type is 948194. I attempted to decipher the numbers but cannot confirm that it is 3 HP, can someone here please advise?



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interesting you think your 1964 fox campus has the original 3hp briggs on it. i don't know much about the history of them, most i have seen where tecumseh engines on them. i do recall seeing some in the mid to late 60's coming with a briggs big block 4hp motor. i wonder if you have a gokart cycle before it became fox. some of them came with 3hp briggs. kind of rare to find today...:scooter:
maybe picture of it would good to see.
Nice,Looks like fox.
I believe they came with a chrome header pipe?
Maybe long gone now.
Yes, the pipe was chrome. I will fabricate one when I restore it but I am not going to touch this bike until I finish the 1963 Econoline custom van I am building for at least another 18 months.
UPDATE on Fox Campus: I have done nothing on it and will not until my 1963 Econoline is done as I am a FINISHER! Bike is in back shed and can't wait to restore it but van is an awesome project so I must finish before starting something new, probably another 2 years but love the fact that I have the bike and it is the HOLY GRAIL OF MINI BIKES! Not gloating but just acknowledging that the bike is fantastic


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Well that is a nice bike.
Our esteemed member Ogy has a garage full of Campus minibikes/parts and is the authority on originality.
Have not seen him check in here for quite a while and hope he is well but he is the one who can assist your restoration.

Pics of your Econoline?
Schoolmate had a 65' with transplanted 289 that would pull the front wheels but that thing was scary with primitive drum brakes.
I am familiar with Ogy and his knowledge and inventory of Fox Campus parts. From my understanding he is unfortunately no longer with us. He was the upmost authority on the Fox Campus. I am by no means that guy but still contest that it is the greatest mini ever built. Still working on my 63 Econoline but once that is done I will complete the restoration of my Fox Campus. Here is a progress picture of Econoline after 1000 hours. Exterior hinges re-engineered for smooth panels, tubbed and bagged. BSE Very Low.jpg