how do I hook up the throttle ungoverned on this clone???

I am trying to hook up the throttle on this lifan clone and I have no idea what to do.....Do I remove the spring that is on the metal piece connection the butterfly and the governor arm????? please help Jleon showed my some pics but I am clueless !!!!! I know where the cable itself hooks up but I dont what to have the governor hooked up!!!!! Thanks in advance...:confused:


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If you look closely at the pic's, I cut the heavy wire(rod) from the carb butterfly to the gov arm coming from the engine and removed the small spring. I did not remove the internal gov components. Probably should have, but not really racing my bike. Other than that I just attached my throtte cable to the existing linkage. Maybe some one else can make this more clear with better pic's.
YES!!!!! I get it thats soooo simple sweet ill get on that!!! P.S where did you find that bronze piece that locks the rod im place??? would my local hardware store have it? Thanks sooo much jleon!!!
It's best to remove the internal Gov, lest Ye break bits in the engine.

Regardless Just make sure you break in the engine and change the oil before getting to jiggy with it. :wink:


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WHEW!:thumbsup: You could use a 1/4-20 bolt with a hole drilled in the bolt, but the cable stop is easier. Maybe a lawnmower shop would have them. Lowes may have something or a similar store. Good luck, Glad to have helped.