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The subdivision I live in is very mini bike friendly. I putt around and the neighbors all seem to get a kick out of an old man riding around on a mini bike. I have had Big Block Chevy's in the past, a bunch of Harleys with drag pipes, and a GX 390 that can roar. I always respected the peace and quiet and continue to keep it cool, I live here and so do others. We have been here since 1979. We got new neighbors this spring and the new home owner has a Fat Boy with open pipes. I love the sound, it’s a beautiful bike but, he's hauling a$$ big time in the neighborhood and especially on our street. He can't keep off the throttle and he's constantly blipping and racking it up. I don't want to sound like a prick of an old man, and I really don't want to say anything, I understand, but then again someone has obviously complained and 2 neighbors have bitched to me about it. We now have patrol officers on a regular basis trooping the entire neighborhood. I will bet that it's going to happen. The local cops will see me, and my neighborhood fun will be over. What would you do? The police is already cruising through more this summer than ever before. It was very rare to see them at all where I live. Now it almost daily, what do ya" think? Walt
Walt you need to go tell the dumb asss to chill , he's killing all your fun and you were there first . If that don't work ( shot gun ) will . Peace out
hahahhaa, same thing happened to me kinda, a new neighbor and a loud mini and he was pissing off everybody, well, of course, they all know the guy thats lived there 15 years and builds tons of minis...the police show up at my house and were standing around a bunch of minis and I'm telling him, "not me", hes giving me the look like I must think he is stupid...also 4 houses around me got a letter from the HOA about minis, they kinda knew where I lived and just blanketed 4 houses with the same generic threaten letter....looking back, was pretty funny, at the time, not so much.


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Have ya thought about sitting at the end of your driveway on your baddest,loudest bike. You know,one them hot bikes you have built.
Get ya a old gressy t-shirt and cut the sleeves out of it. You gotta wear that. :laugh:

Wait for him to roar his obnoxious window rattler. Then pull out in the street and show him who has a badarsed bike.
Get him to stop. Strike up a conversatio.
Then kindly ask him to cool the pikes,at least until he gets tp the main road. You don't have to be a prick the "first time".

The next time may be a different story. :shrug:


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Maybe you should talk to the guy and explain what's going on. Tell him basically what you just told us. If he's a decent guy, he'll understand what your getting at.

Just ask him if he can back off the pipes a bit, and take it easy around the neighborhood .

Walt, I agree with what the other guys are saying, just invite him over for beers and explain to him the problem. Hopefully he understands. I'm guessing that if the cops see nothing going on they will probly start to patrol less and less and hoperfully things will get back to normal so you can have fun again. :thumbsup:


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Never know. I have thought the same thing.

What's he gonna do? Beat up the old man on the badarsed mini bike. With big frickin arms.:shrug: He'll get the hint.
I would walk over, or even better ride over with a cooler of beer and say Hi. Talk bikes for a bit and then let him know what the deal is.

Doing it as his place makes him more comfortable vs your place.
I would walk over, or even better ride over with a cooler of beer and say Hi. Talk bikes for a bit and then let him know what the deal is.

Doing it as his place makes him more comfortable vs your place.
This seems like a good approach...Its easier to reason a thought with other opinions voiced, I appreciate it, thanks..... Walt
There's really no telling...some people can be reasoned with...others are born jerks that will go on the defensive the minute you open your mouth...be prepared for either.
Yes always best to start out neighborly with a piece offering. I don't understand the whole loud pipes thing. Open pipes but you ride with ear plugs? The constant throttle blipping yeah we hear you all ready. In my opinion inforce the noise ordnance Im sick of hearing the noise.
Same thing happened to me sort of.

I like to ride the neighborhood in the middle of the night. I have muffler, so I am no louder than lawn mower or a car going down the street.

Teenage kid across the street gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and next thing they are vandalizing his car parked on the street overnight. I got word the police are staked out in the neighborhood. I had to cool it for a month or so, then situation went away.

I wouldn't recommend talking to the noisy neighbor. I think he will drink your beer and be louder than ever. Be patient, stay inside, I bet he gets his and the police go away soon. :smile:


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I had a guy this summer doing the same thing ,open pipes making as much noise as he could. One day I was by the street and gave him the:shrug: while hollering WTF. . For the next week he even ramped it up to piss me off (it worked) . Then after finding it was always at the same time 7:ish pm I (with my wife DIS approving) got my quiet 1800 vtx warmed up , aimed, and running lurking beside my truck. Right on time he did his thing. I took off and got right beside him at the stop sign as I planned and just looked at him and gave him a smart ass laugh. I let him start to take off and then just let ur chew and just blew the doors off the knob. He has not even come down our street since. my adrenaline was so high I think I could have smoked him on foot . :laugh:
I am a believer that loud pipes save lives, but when in residential neighborhoods I keep it down.

Same with my DB, I run a muffler to keep it down. I don't want the cops around any more than necessary.

I say try to make peace on his territory. That shows respect, and earns brownie points. While that means nothing in real life, it shows that you are man enough to come to him and talk.

And Banjo, since you didn't talk to the guy, only showed him what a Jap bike can do, that scores 0 points. You didn't make a friend that might turn you on to other mini bikes, and you didn't make a friend. Actions speak louder than words. While your action of racing him may have won the race, you lost the possibility of a good connection.

Winning is not all that is is made up to be.


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Yeah, I also say talk to the guy, explain what's up and ask him to cool it. You gotta at least give him a chance to see if he's reasonable.

If he's not, THEN you sneak over at night, and hammer a potato into each of his exhaust pipes! lol!
I would walk over, or even better ride over with a cooler of beer and say Hi. Talk bikes for a bit and then let him know what the deal is.

Doing it as his place makes him more comfortable vs your place.
I agree with this to start with. If he does not respect you and cool it than I would go over again and explain how is is bringing the heat down on you by his actions.if that don't work than call the cops next time yourself,talk to them and let them deal with him. I do this here and will ride my mini bike over to talk to them,makes a good conversation piece..