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Greetings all! I've been wanting to go down this path for quite a few years. My dad bought this Alexander Reynolds mini bike when he was a teen at a True Value Hardware store that sold all sorts of outdoor power equipment and mini bikes. He used to go see my mom on it when they were dating. He and his buddies would ride the things all over the county back roads- they thought they were real bikers.

I started riding it when I was about 5 and until I was about 10. I absolutely rode the wheels off of it- mainly in fields and up the road to my buddy's house. One time, I'm guessing about 1981, my dad was riding his yellow Honda Odyssey and his buddy was riding a Suzuki 250 dirt bike down an old gravel road. I couldn't keep up and thought they were leaving me in an area I didn't know. As a 5 year old, I remember crying and the tears were so big I couldn't see. I hit a huge pot hole in the old road that sent me and the bike in all sorts of directions.....seems like I remember digging gravel out of lots of places in my body. What I remember most, was mom being ticked-off that dad "let me" tear a large hole in my new coat. You only got ONE winter coat for the year. It was a great mini bike and lead me down the path of ATV's, dirt bikes, street bikes, old hot rods and working on about anything that burns fuel. What a great time!

Dad has been cleaning out his garage and this is one of the things he told me to come and get. Dad doesn't get rid of ANYTHING. I had mentioned it to him for years. So, it's sort of a big deal to drag this out and start down the path of bringing it back to life. It has all come full circle as I have 3 kids that I'm sure will enjoy it too. Hopefully it never winds up in this condition, again.

Here are some pics of me on it circa about 1980.

I'll have a LOT of questions as to where to source parts and whether to try to restore a piece or find new.


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I agree with @old shed finds keep it original. Duplicate the early pics and retake the picture with the next generation on it. The story is really cool and restoring your mini would be pretty easy. The original briggs on there isn't too difficult to find and you have tons of upcoming memories just waiting to happen.

You really are at the right place. Document your project on this thread. I'm waiting to see how this next chapter to your story gets written!