Is a Jacobsen 4hp 98cc 2 stroke worth anything?

Those are cool engines ... Quiet running unless you change the muffler ... They were used on Reel Mowers ... Someone will chime in that has more knowledge ... I've been trying to talk my buddy out of his but he wont give it up LOL ...


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These are essentially a Robin EC10 made by Fuji heavy industries. And a dam good engine at that! No so much for high performance, but for long reliable service. Parts seem to be readily available on the Bay. The only drawback I could see was an odd output shaft on mine, the clutch would have to be run outboard, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Overall a good engine to get your two stroke fix!

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I would have to agree with Neck having spent sometime inside the doors and minds of these industry typical facilities and Engineers. Tight center tolerance products. Can't shoot for better in process. Not saying its superior to anything state side just saying i know there intent in fit and finish. Good find.