its one of the three

So went and dug out an old mini bike i had bought about 15 years ago. Decided it was time to tinker with it. After some research I figured out its an Allis Chalmers/Gilson/Montgomery Ward. The number plate is long gone so I cant narrow it down from that. Looks like the original color was orange so would that make it more likely that its an Allis? Most of the Montgomery Wards Ive seen are blue amd the Gilsons a few different colors.

Also guessing the 2hp briggs isnt the original engine. Just one more thing to the list it needs



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Briggs isn't original. It's not a Wards if it was Orange. Orange was used on Gilson two speed models and most of the Allis models. That input sprocket on the jackshaft was originally a sprag sprocket for a comet two speed and it's been brazed in place. I know because the one I have was exactly the same way when I got it.

Orange Allis Chalmers bikes usually had 10" wheels but I've seen a couple with 6" wheels. The chrome front end was used on the Tecumseh H50 models, but I've seen a few lower models with them too.

The thing that makes me think it's more than likely an Allis bike is the plate on the front frame tubes. I've never seen those on a Gilson model (as far as I can recall).

At any rate, that'll make a nice rider once you lose the struts and add some shocks to the swingarm. Just make sure the forks are sturdy. Looks like someone added the plate to reinforce a known weak point on the Gilson bikes.
the plate was half welded on when i got it. someone cut up that rrea pretty bad . Im leaning towards a gilson. looking at a bunch of pics theres a few things i see different from the allis bikes. if i had to guess its the 5704 model